Friday, 12 March 2010

World Cup #2 - Cairo, Egypt - Early commitments

The World Cup #2 starts within a week. Most of the participants will be known only when the event begins. These are the entries confirmed.

Great Britain

Men: Nicolas Woodbridge, David Atkinson, Russell North and Steven Mason
Women: Mhairi Spence, Katy Livingston, Katy Burke and Freyja Prentice

Men: Federico Giancamilli, Nicola Benedetti and Pierpaolo Petroni
Women: Claudia Cesarini

Men: John Zakrzewski, Christopher Patte and Bruno Merle
Women: Elfie Arnaud, Anaïs Eudes and Elodie Clouvel


Women: Claudia Knack, Tabea Bude, Ronja Döring and Annika Schleu[getdate]=20100318&tx_cal_controller[lastview]=list-4&tx_cal_controller[view]=event&tx_cal_controller[type]=tx_cal_phpicalendar&tx_cal_controller[uid]=42&cHash=b2e44a9a77

Men: Wagner Romão, Rafael Marzullo, Luís Barroso Magno and Dieferson Félix
Women: Yane Marques and Larissa Lellys

Men: Eanna Bailey and Arthur Lanigan O'Keeffe

Men: Kevin Hilgeholt

Men: Bartosz Majewski, Szymon Staskiezwicz, Krzysztof Staszak and Remigiusz Golis
Women: Sylwia Czwojdzinska, Katarzyna Wojcik, Aleksandra Skarzynska and Magdalena Walesa

athletes from Slovakia are expected to compete in Cairo according to the federation's calendars, no names confirmed though.

and of course we can expect the Egyptian team

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