Thursday, 4 March 2010

World Cup #1 - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Start List - Men

Yay, the World Cup Series has just begun! The first step is Playa del Carmen, Mexico (originally scheduled for Guadalajara). The field is pretty strong this year and these are the participants in the men's field who will compete in fencing, swimming and combined event for a place in the final (Saturday), divided into two semifinals groups:

Code: Name (Nation) Ranking/Semifinal

Adam Marosi (HUN) 1/A
Peter Tibolya (HUN) 14/A

David Svoboda (CZE) 2/B
Ondrej Polivka (CZE) 3/B
Martin Dvorak (CZE) 132/A
Michal Sedeckly (CZE) 82/A

Ilia Frolov (RUS) 4/A
Andrei Moiseev (RUS) 188/B
Semen Burtsev (RUS) 40/B
Sergey Karyakin (RUS) A

Andrejus Zadneprovskis (LTU) 28/B

Sung-Hyun Lee (KOR) 64/B

Dennis Bowsher (USA) 46/A
William Brady (USA) 19/B
Sam Sacksen (USA) 52/B
Eli Bremer (USA) 119/A

Nicolas Woodbridge (GBR) 24/B
James Cooke (GBR) B
Samuel Weale (GBR) 20/A

Sebastian Dietz (GER) 36/B
Steffan Kollner (GER) 99/A
Steffen Gebhardt (GER) 184/A
Sascha Vetter (GER) 83/B

Pavlo Kyrpulyanskyy (UKR) 32/A
Oleksander Panin (UKR) B
Dmytro Kyrpulyanskyy (UKR) 10/B
Oleksander Mordasov (UKR) 176/A

Andrei Gheorghe (GUA) 49/A
Jonathan Chacon (GUA) B
Pedro Pablo Gonzalez (GUA) 65/B

Thomas Daniel (AUT) 8/A

Dimitrios Motsios (GRE) 59/A

Joshua Riker-Fox (CAN) 56/B
Christopher Pietruczuk (CAN) A

Oscar Soto (MEX) 17/A
Manuel Padilla (MEX) 181/A
Alan Astorga (MEX) A
Ismael Hernandez (MEX) 70/A
Abraham Camacho (MEX) A
Jonathan Ortega (MEX) A
Alvaro Sandoval (MEX) 37/A
Fausto Carbajal (MEX) B
Jorge Inzunza (MEX) 68/B
Jesus Galicia (MEX) 128/B
Luis Galicia (MEX) 177/B
Christian Fernandez (MEX) 179/B
Gerardo Sanchez (MEX) B

Omar El Geziry (EGY) 18/B
Amro El Geziry (EGY) 12/B
Yasser Hefny (EGY) 22/A
Mustafa Nofal (EGY) 21/A

Eanna Bailey (IRL) B
Arthur Lannigan-O'Keeffe (IRL) A

The first stop of World Cup Series usually has a quite depleted field, because of the expensive cost of travelling to Mexico (for Europeans athletes especially), but the start list is pretty good. Nice to see Moiseev and Gebhardt here, I hope they are fit and get some important points to build their rankings again. I'm a bit surprised the Polish team (with the men's defending champion) skipped this World Cup - I'm also missing the Italian, French and Belarussian teams from the biggest teams in Europe that I recall right now. Too bad there is only one Asian and that South-American countries didn't send their teams (I know the Brazilian team will start the season in Egypt WC2). Even though this is the first WC competition of the year, pentathletes have been training hard and we can expect quality action in Playa del Carmen.

Results are being updated through the day at UIPM webpage:

Let's see who will perform enough today for a spot in the final (on Saturday), there are 52 pentathletes in two groups of 26, top 18 in each group are qualified, last 8 will miss the final.

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