Sunday, 7 March 2010

2010 World Cup # 1 - Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Women's Start List

So we have 37 pentathletes from all over the world competing in Playa del Carmen World Cup today. Let's have a quick look at who are the contestants, a strong field with 3 top10, 9 top20 and 19 top50 in the current New Balance World Ranking and like in the men's field, some new talents from juniors making their d├ębut at a World Cup.

Start List - Women's World Cup 1 - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Name (Country) Current ranking

Aya Medany (EGY) 3
Heather Fell (GBR) 4
Evdokia Gretchichnikova (RUS) 6
Lena Schonerborn (GER) 11
Elena Rublevska (LAT) 13
Lucie Grolichova (CZE) 16
Margaux Isaksen (USA) 17
Eva Trautmann (GER) 19
Natalie Dianova (CZE) 20
Claudia Knack (GER) 22
Adrienn Toth (HUN) 23
Krisztina Cseh (HUN) 26
Polina Struchtkova (RUS) 30
Donna Vakalis (CAN) 34
Janine Kohlmann (GER) 35
Louise Helyer (GBR) 37
Jihan El-Midany (EGY) 39
Svetlana Lebedeva (RUS) 43
Vera Feshchenko (RUS) 44
Samantha Murray (GBR) 65
Andrea Yumiko Ponce (MEX) 69
Tamara Vega (MEX) 71
Ariadna Trujillo (MEX) 79
Isabel Herrarte (GUA) 95
Abigail Garzo (GUA) 97
Fanny Farfan (MEX) 106
Mathea Stevens (CAN) 109
Melanie McCann (CAN) 112
Thelma Martinez (MEX) 121
Yael Guerra (MEX) 146
Jessica Camacho (MEX) 155
Victoria Tereshuk (UKR) Not Ranked (didn't compete in 2009 season), but once top ranked
Natalya Coyle (IRL) NR
Mariana Arceo (MEX) NR
Teresa Vazquez (MEX) NR
Daniela Valencia de la Torre (MEX) NR
Mayan Oliver (MEX) NR

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