Friday, 5 March 2010

World Cup #1 - Playa del Carmen - Men's semifinal B

Semifinal B

1. Dietz (GER) 4352 Q
2. D. Kirpulyanskyy (UKR) 4332 Q
3. O. El Geziry (EGY) 4332 Q
4. Zadneprovskis (LTU) 4328 Q
5. Polivka (CZE) 4328 Q
6. Svoboda (CZE) 4328 Q
7. Cooke (GBR) 4320 Q
8. Woodbridge (GBR) 4296 Q
9. Burtsev (RUS) 4292 Q
10. Riker-Fox (CAN) 4284 Q
11. Brady (USA) 4232 Q
12. A. El Geziry (EGY) 4232 Q
13. S-H Lee (KOR) 4212 Q
14. Moiseev (RUS) 4204 Q
15. Carbajal (MEX) 4200 Q
16. Inzunza (MEX) 4196 Q
17. Panin (UKR) 4196 Q
18. Sacksen (USA) 4132 Q
19. Vetter (GER) 4092
20. J. Galicia (MEX) 4084
21. Sanchez (MEX) 4072
22. Chacon (GUA) 3996
23. Gonzalez (MEX) 3964
24. Bailey (IRL) 3896
25. L. Galicia (MEX) 3856
26. Fernandez (MEX) 3728

No surprises in the fencing pistes, Zadneprovskis (LTU) was the leader with 19 wins (worth 1036 points), while Omar El-Geziry from Egypt came close in second, with 18 wins and 100 points. Polivka (CZE) was third and sure it boosts his confidence, since he's been a bit irregular in fencing with 17 wins, same like Moiseev (RUS). Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy (UKR) was fifth in this discipline with 16 wins and in this balanced field Dietz (GER), Svoboda (CZE), Burtsev (RUS) and Amro El-Geziry (EGY) scored 892 points (15 wins) each one.
The swimming pool witnessed fastest times in this group than in semifinal A, British youngster James Cooke was first (1:58.87, 1376 points), followed by his countryman Woodbridge (2:01.75); Amro El-Geziry (EGY) finished in 2:01.96 and South-Korean Lee had the fourth best time (2:03.72).
Pentathletes from North America mastered in combined event and secured a spot in the final thanks to to a great run and shooting. Brady (USA) had the best time, followed by Riker-Fox (CAN), Sacksen (USA) and Inzunza (MEX). Dietz had the 5th best time, enough to finish first in the cross line. Carbajal (MEX) was another one who after a relatively poor start was helped by a good combined event to represent the host country in the finals.

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