Friday, 12 November 2010

Latest international and national competitions; and pentathletes in fencing competitions

You would expect top Hungarian pentathletes to clinch the first positions in an international competition at home, right? OK, not in the end of the season. The Tata International Competition (October 22) had a great line-up, but the big names failed to perform well in the men's competition and it was a good chance for the youngsters in this competition under the tetrathlon format (no riding). This was also a laser test event, and the odd results are more likely related to a certain and understandable lack of effort from the best ranked athletes (season is pratically over, especially in Europe, and the competition won't bring them ranking points; I'm not suggesting there was a deliberate boycott at all) than to a shaky new technology (as you can see by checking fencing and swimming results).

The men's field had 17 pentathletes and the women's field, 13 . The winners were Czech David Kindl and German Janine Kohlmann. Kindl scored 4296 points and was the best fencer of the day and had a good combined event to finish first. German Steffan Kollner was second and local pentathlete Peter Prill was third. Prill's countrymen Marosi, Tibolya, Nemeth, Kasza and also Gebhardt (GER) and Makarovas (LTU) failed to make a good event, with all of them behind the 8th position. This was also the last competition of Czech Libor Capalini.

In the women's field, Kohlmann collected 3940 points and finished just ahead of Polish Oktawia Nowacka and local pentathlete Leila Gyenesei. Kohlmann and Gyenesei started well in fencing, just behind Cseh, and managed to stay on the top, while Nowacka impressed with a good combined event to finish in the podium. Kohlmann missed most of the season, having participated only in first World Cup (Mexico).


In Asti, Italy, was held the Italian Tetrathlon Championships. Riccardo De Lucca was the winner (4776 points), Nicola Benedetti was second and Federico Giancamilli was third. De Lucca also won the triathlon and combined event competitions. Gloria Tocchi was the winner of the tetrathlon competition (4128 points), Alessia Pieretti was second and Alice Sotero was third. Sotero won the triathlon and Pieretti won the combined event.


In Helsingor, Denmark, a competition with Swedish and Danish pentathletes had Michael Brandt and Kim Petterson Bohlin as winners. The competition was in September.
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In Resende, Brazil, the national qualifying (October 23) for the Panamerican Championships drew the Brazilian team that will be later in action. Yane Marques topped the women's field, while Daniel Santos was the best of the day among the men. Priscilla Oliveira, Laryssa Lellys, Luís Magno and Willian Muinhos also sucessfully qualified. The alternates for the international competition were also defined (by 4th position) and Mariana Laporte and Danilo Fagundes are also in the team.


Pentathletes in Fencing Tournaments

-Mhairi Spence and Louise Helyer were in action in Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Australia, and grabbed a silver medal in team competition for Scotland. Spence also finished in 5th position and Helyer in 20th position in individual competition.
- Daniel Santos won the Brazilian Epée Fencing Championships in Curitiba, while Yane Marques was a runner-up. A good display from several Brazilian pentathletes in the championship. Earlier this year, Yane won a national title and Santos was the runner-up in an event in Rio de Janeiro.

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