Friday, 19 November 2010

Comebacks of the year - Women

From the pentathletes that missed the 2009 season and were back on track this year, Yuliya Kolegova, from Lithuania, and Victoria Tereshuk, from Ukraine, were the highlights.

Kolegova collected her points with consistent performances at World Cups, finishing 8th at WC2 (Egypt), 11th at WC4 (Hungary) and 17th at WC Final (Moscow, Russia). Kolegova also was 11th at European Championships.

Tereshuk, who was 3rd in last Olympic Games and won several titles in her career, had as best results in this comeback season the 16th position at World Championships (Chengdu, China) and same position at WC3 (Great Britain).

Kolegova ends the year ranked as #22 and Tereshuk as #36.

Since this and the previous post were about this season, I recommend checking the decade review to see some achievements from the experienced pentathletes:

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