Monday, 22 November 2010

Last calendar changes/announcements

One year go I made a post about the calendar in next years: 
Let's see what changed since then:


WC1 - Announced: Palm Springs, California, USA - after many years (a decade), World Cup is back to the USA - see more at:

WC2 was supposed to happen in Guadalajara, Mexico, which later will host the Panamerican Games. No WC anymore in Mexico in 2011, it was replaced by Cairo (Egypt), which was originally WC3. Then WC4 Italy became WC3 and the venue changed from Roma to Sassari and WC5 Hungary became WC4 and it was announced it will be in the capital Budapest. The sumptuous venue of Chengdu, China,  where the 2010 World Championships took place, is now the last and 5th event of regular World Cups. London (UK)  is confirmed as WC Final venue.

The Junior World Championships was moved from Cairo, Egypt, to Buenos Aires, Argentina and the dates were changed (now it will be in September). 
Next year's Congress will be in Nice, France, oh la la! Of course it's subject to change (like happened this year) and is also subject to overturns (like happened this year, oh what a year).

The mysterious "Champion of Champions" still doesn't has a venue.


Mexican and Egyptian World Cups are not confirmed anymore (WC1 and WC3), only the Hungarian WC (#4).It's still not scheduled a 5th WC (maybe because of Olympic Games). The WC Final will be in the fancy instalations of Chengdu, China. World Championships moved from Milano to Roma, Italy,  and I love pasta, yummy! The UIPM Congress will be in Stockholm, Sweden (modern pentathlon centennial in the place it was born - Olympic Games 1912).


Cairo still confirmed for WC2; WC3 in Great Britain now replaced by millionaire Chinese venue in Chengdu (I guess some people still hurted because faced opposition?). Budapest currrently expected to host WC4 and WC5 (?!) at least it's what you can find at UIPM Calendar right now. 


Just wondering: Americas will see USA, Mexico and Brazil hosting WC's in next years (USA have the next, Mexico will have the venue of Panamerican Games and Brazil will be approaching to 2016 Olympic Games). Africa will still have Egypt as first option since only this country has active pentathletes; other African countries could claim a competition in order to develop the sport in the country, but it seems they are far from this at this point. The African tournament then would be endangered, since Asia/Oceania might have one WC/year and European countries missing in last years with strong modern pentathlon teams (Czech Republic, France, Lithuania,Poland) and still not scheduled, like Germany and Russia -new darling of UIPM- also might be back to the calendar.

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