Friday, 19 November 2010

Comebacks of the year - Men

This is not about comeback during a competition, but comebacks to the tour. Which pentathletes missed all or most of 2009 season and are back to the tour?

Double (and current) Olympic champion Andrei Moiseev didn't miss the whole last season, but was in action only in WC4 2009 (Italy) and Senior World Championships (Great Britain), failing to go further the semifinals. This year he could compete the full season, and finished 5th at European Championships and 8th at WC4 (Hungary).

Ky-Hyun Kim, from South Korea, was back to World Cups this year and finished 9th at WC5 and is ranked as #44. Yunqi Xu, from China, only took part of Egyptian WC last year, and this year took part of 2 Wcs and the World Championships, at home. Xu is currently ranked as #45. Still in the top50, Steffen Genhardt (GER) and Michal MichalĂ­k (CZE) missed most of last season and partially this season.

Cao Zhongrong, from China, may not impress by his current ranking of 67. However, Cao missed last season and this year was earlier in action only in World Seniors Championships, where he narrowly missed the podium, finishing 4th and collecting all his ranking points for the present year. Update: Zhongrong has just won the Asian Games competition, in Guangzhou, China. Sergey Baitaliyk, from Ukraine, is another pentathlete that had a single appearance this year, at World Military Championships (Czech Republic), where he finished 6th. Baitaliyk actually is more active in military competitions than World Cups and World Championships in his career.

Eric Walther, from Germany, is another one who was back to the circuit this year, after missing last year, but took part only in WC at home (WC5) and German Open Championships. Jean Maxence Berrou, from France, was in China for the World Championships and unfortunatelly missed the final, but will be later in action this year at French Open Championships. Erik Johansson, from Sweden, also took part in a small competition in Denmark recently, but I don't know if it means he's coming back from retirement. Talking about retirement, I will dedicate a post to Libor Capalini, from Czech Republic, in the next days. This was his last season according to the news - but we won't be surprised if he decides to give another go again next year.

Please let me know if I missed someone in this post and I will add.

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