Monday, 22 November 2010

Farewell Libor Capalini!

Czech pentathlete Libor Capalini announced his retirement as professional athlete this year, at the age of 37. He was one the oldest pentathletes left on the tour and had a successful carrer, having struggled hard against injuries during his career, especially in his last years on the tour. I could not leave out that his career was somehow overshadowed by a certain underachievement because of his injuries, so it's not something to blame him since it wasn't lack of effort and discipline, but a lack of luck. I do not intend to forge a hero or victim here, but if I had to pick one of these options, I'd go with hero. Capalini is a role model for the younger talented Czech modern pentathletes generation - and as long as I know, he helped coach Jakub Kucera and others still as an athlete and now he will keep working with the national federation. 

In Olympic Games Capalini grabbed a bronze medal in the single event he took part, Athens 2004. He missed 2000 and 2008 when he was a high level competitor. In World Championships he finished 2nd (1999), 3rd (2004), 4th (2006), 8th (2005) and 9th (2002). In World Cup Finals, Capalini has a record of one title (2006), one silver (2002) and one bronze (2004). Capalini is also the winner of European Championships 2002, 2 titles at CISM Championships and several medals at World Cups, with 3 titles; not only his individual record is impressive, but Capalini has also several medals with his countrymen in relays and team competitions (see more abouth his achievements at: and ).

Thank you Libor for all you did for modern pentathlon and you will be missed in the tour as an athlete and good luck in your next steps.

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