Thursday, 5 November 2009

2009 Czech Modern Pentathlon Award

The Czech team had a great season, with medals in relay and team competitions and also great individual results. The individual highlights were Svoboda's silver in London World Senior Championships and Polívka's titles in Leipzig European Championships and World Cup 2 (Cairo), while the team won double gold in London at relay and also the silver medal in men's team. Svoboda and Polívka are currently #2 and #3, respectively, in the New Balance World Ranking. Too bad Libor Capalini and Michal Michalík couldn't compete a full season. Among the women, Grolichová won another national award but now faces close competition from junior up and coming Dianová.


1- David Svoboda (ASC/Ados) 241 points
2 - Ondřej Polívka (ASC/Dukla) 224 points
3 - Michal Michalík (ASC/PSC) 134 points

1 - Lucie Grolichová (ASC/Ados) 135 points
2 - Natálie Dianová (ASC/Dukla) 125 points
3 - Silvie Černá (ASC/Ados) 91 points


1 - Ondřej Polívka (ASC/Dukla) 195 points
2 - David Kindl (TJ Dukla) 49 points
3 - Jan Kuf (TJ Dukla) 41 points

1- Natálie Dianová (ASC/Dukla) 132 points
2 - Barbora Kodedová (PSC) 108 points
3 - Lenka Bilková (SCB) 64 points

In another award, Polívka won the poll of best Czech pentathlete of 2009 season. The younger pentathlete ever to be #1 at world ranking won this award for the first time, leaving Svoboda in second place and Grolichová in third place. Svoboda won the last two awards, while Capalini won for seven times. Highlights of Polívka this year were the titles mentioned above (European Championships, World Cup 2) and the gold at relay (with Svoboda) and silver at team competition (with Svoboda and Michalík) in London World Champoionships , gold in mixed relay (with his girlfriend Natálie Dianová), silver in team competition (with Svoboda and Capalini) and bronze in relay (with Sedlecký and Dvořák) in 3-relay in Leipzig European Championships. Lucie Grolichová, Natálie Dianová a Sylvie Černá won the prize of best team for their performances in London ánd Leipzig, where they won the relays competitions.

Photo Gallery of the Czech Team - pictures by Vítězslav Bureš, published at

note: I've tried several times to edit this post (and others as well) with the pictures, but the edition tool sucks big time. So there is a lot of space between the pictures.

Polívka, Michalík, Svoboda (London)

Martin Dvořák, Ondřej Polívka a Michal Sedlecký (Leipzig)

Polívka, Svoboda, Capalini (Leipzig)

Grolichová, Dianová (London)

Černá and Grolichová (Leipzig)

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