Thursday, 5 November 2009

2009 German Championships

Some old news here, the German National Championships happened in May, in the city of Bonn. Germany has a solid team featuring Olympic champion Schöneborn and also Trautmann, Knack, Kohlmann, Walther, Vetter and Dietz. Steffen Gebhardt only competed in World Cup 2 Cairo this year, I hope he can be fit for next season.

1 - Eric Walther 5940
2 - Stefan Köllner 5800
3 - Michails Jefremenko (LAT) 5788

Sascha Vetter finished the competition in 8th, while Sebastian Dietz finished only in the 12th position. Some foreign athletes took part of the event, the most known being Martin Dvořák (CZE) and Sandris Sika (LAT).

1 - Lena Schöneborn 5608
2 - Janine Kohlmann 5564
3 - Eva Trautmann 5464

Claudia Knack had problems in riding and finished in 18th position.

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