Sunday, 1 November 2009

2009 Season's Best - Men - Fencing and Riding

These are the best scores of the year for fencing and equestrian, in the following competitions:

World Cup 1 - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico - March 2009 - WC1
World Cup 2 - Cairo, Egypt - April 2009 - WC2
World Cup 3 - Budapest, Hungary - May 2009 - WC3
World Cup 4 - Roma, Italy - May 2009 - WC4
World Cup Final - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - WCF
Senior World Championships - London, Great Britain - August 2009 - SWC

Fencing - Top scores (only finals)

WC1 - Horbacz (POL) 1024 (26), Daniel (AUT) 1000 (25), Woodbridge (GBR) 952 (23)
WC2 - Omar El Geziry (EGY) 1024 (26), Kinderis (LTU) and Sekretev (RUS) 952 (23), Svoboda (CZE) and Cherkovskis (LAT) 904 (21)
WC3 - Choon-Huan Lee (KOR) 952 (23), Omar El Geziry (EGY), Cherkovskis (LAT), Nofal (EGY) and Tibolya (HUN) 928 (22)
WC4 - De Lucca (ITA) 1024 (26), Marosi (HUN) 928 (22), Michalík (CZE) and Prokopenko (BLR) 904 (21)
WCF - Omar El Geziry (EGY) 1056 (24), Tymoschenko (UKR) 1028 (23), Marosi (HUN) 1000 (22)
SWC - Sika (LAT) 1024 (26), Frolov (RUS) 1000 (25), Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy (UKR) and Woodbridge (GBR) 952 (23)

It's interesting how in fencing the top athletes are usually contenders to the podium - like we saw in last Olympics - and is the competition that usually gives less points. The highlights are Sika and Omar El Geziry (London and Rio de Janeiro), in the strongest fields (ironically, none of them ended in top 3 in those competitions). The Egyptian was the best fencer in the year, but his strong starts were not enough to reach a podium. Marosi was pretty solid being twice in the list above, same with Cherkovskis, and Horbacz, Tymoschenko and Dmytro Kirpulyanskyy had their best results helped by a great fencing competition.

Riding - Top scores

WC1 - Majewski (POL), Daniel (AUT), Brady (USA) 1200; Horbacz (POL) 1192
WC2 - Cherkovskis (LAT), Kinderis (LTU) 1200; Krungolcas (LTU), Németh (HUN) 1192
WC3 - Zemaitis (LTU) 1180, Marosi (HUN) 1160, Cherkovskis (LAT) 1152
WC4 - Woodbridge (GBR), Dong-Soo Park (KOR), Tomii (JPN), Marosi (HUN) 1200; Lapo (BLR), Weale (GBR), Quarto (ITA) 1180
WCF - Omar El Geziry (EGY), Polívka (CZE), Daniel (AUT), Cherkovskis (LAT) 1200; Nofal (EGY), Woodbridge (GBR), Tomii (JPN), Kinderis (LTU), Romão (BRA), Amro El Geziry (EGY), Staskiewicz (POL), Lapo (BLR), Marosi (HUN) 1180
SWC - Krungolcas (LTU) 1200; Németh (HUN), Brady (USA) 1196

In equestrian I should have get the bottom scores to have an idea of how tough was each field. It seems Budapest was a tough competition, while Rio de Janeiro (where I worked) was a smooth field. The pentathletes from the Baltic countries had a good year in riding, losing few points in the competitions. Marosi had great shows in his way to several medals,

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