Friday, 6 November 2009

2009 Polish Championships

The Polish Championships was actually an open event, with pentathletes from several countries, a really strong competition. It was held in Drzonków, where some future big events will be held, in June. Let's have a look at the results. Horbacz and Boenisz won the competitions.

1 - Marcin Horbacz (POL) 6080
2 - Remigiusz Golis (POL) 5956
3 - Martin Dvorak (CZE) 5956 (no typo here)
4 - Ondrej Polívka (CZE) 5936
5 - Cyril Viala (FRA) 5908
6 - Tomasz Chmielewski (POL) 5896

To have an idea of how strong was the field, were left out of the top 6 list: Majewski, Staśkiewicz, Sika, Patte, Sedeckly and Hilgelholt (of course it's not a big deal a top athlete having a bad day and a poor display, but the amount shows how tough was the field).

The women's field had less pentathletes, but was also a god line up

1 - Paulina Boenisz (POL) 5648
2 - Sylwia Czwojdzińska(POL) 5600
3 - Lena Schöneborn (GER) 5564
4 - Lucia
Kršňáková (SVK) 5320
5 - Joanna Gomoli
ńska (POL) 5300
6 - Magdalena Walesa (POL) 5236

Wójcik finished 7th and legendary
Małoszyc (born 1969) came 8th.

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