Monday, 16 November 2009

2009 French Championships

Last weekend happened the French Open International Championships in Paris

Both titles (men's and women's) went to local pentathletes. Mabrin Holyst won the men's competition on Saturday, Amélie Cazé was the winner on Sunday.

The men's competition had 27 pentathletes from 5 countries, and everyone was expecting Ádám Marosi to win another title. The Hungarian, the best pentathlete of the year, had problems in riding, when scored only 100 points and finished in 18th position. Holyst was the winner with 5976 points, and could rely in great fencing and riding to manage to win with a good 11:40 in combined event, 5th best time in this event. Second came German Christopher Link (5844 points) who had the best performance in combined event. Third position was of Italian Domenico Porreca (5832 points). Local hopes Patte, Merle and Zakrzewski were 5th, 6th and 8th, repectivelly, while Viala for some reason didn't start for the swimming, retiring from the competition.

In the women's competition, no place for surprises with Amélie Cazé winning with 5604 points. British Katy Burke was second with a pretty solid performance in first 3 events, being the first to start the combined event, ahead of Cazé, but Cazé was better in combined and took the title. French Elfie Arnaud was 3rd, scoring 5392 points and had the best time in combined event. The women's competition had 16 participants.


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