Thursday, 5 November 2009

2009 Season's Best - Women - Riding

It's not easy to make stats about riding since it's a bit random, but let's see which pentathletes had a good ride this year.

World Cup 1 - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico - March 2009 - WC1
World Cup 2 - Cairo, Egypt - April 2009 - WC2
World Cup 3 - Székesfehérvár, Hungary - May 2009 - WC3 (note: different venue from the men's competition, which happened a week before in Budapest)
World Cup 4 - Roma, Italy - May 2009 - WC4
World Cup Final - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - WCF
Senior World Championships - London, Great Britain - August 2009 - SWC

Best scores:
WC1 - El Midany (EGY), Eudes (FRA), Knack (GER), Rimsaite (LTU), Samusevich (BLR), Spence (GBR), Tóth (HUN) 1192; Marques (BRA), Trujillo (MEX) 1188
WC2 - Rimsaite (LTU), Chen (CHN), Darras (FRA), Kasyanava (BLR) 1180; Grolichová (CZE) 1172; Asadauskaitė (LTU) 1164
WC3 - Fell (GBR), Feshchenko (RUS), Heyler (GBR), Pinette (CAN), Rimsaite (LTU), Vörös (HUN), 1200; Guo (CHN), Kovács (HUN) 1192; Kuznetsova (RUS) 1188; Boenisz (POL), Czwojdzińska (POL), Cseh (HUN), Isaksen (USA), Livingston (GBR), Maloszyc (POL), Spence (GBR), Tóth (HUN) and Trautmann (GER) 1180
WC4 - Arnaud (FRA), Bartoli (ITA), Černá (CZE), Cesarini (ITA), Crognale (ITA), Skarzynsk (POL), Videtta (ITA) 1200; Cseh (HUN), Dianová (CZE), Eudes (FRA), Gretchichnikova (RUS), Gyenesei (HUN), Kasyanava (BLR), Mancini (ITA), Medany (EGY), Prentice (GBR), Rublevska (LAT), Tóth (HUN), Walesa (POL) 1180
WCF - Boenisz (POL), Knack (GER), Marques (BRA) 1200; Asadauskaitė (LTU), Černá (CZE), Dianová (CZE), Fell (GBR), Gyenesei (HUN), Medany (EGY), Rimsaite (LTU), Rublevska (LAT), Wojcik (POL) 1180
SWC - Czwojdzińska (POL) 1200; Kohlmann (GER) 1184; Prentice (GBR) 1172; Trautmann (GER) 1168; Asadauskaitė (LTU), Schöneborn (GER) 1164; Cseh (HUN) 1160, Knack (GER) and Wojcik (POL) 1160

Rimsaite didn't lose much points in equestrian this season, neither did her countrywoman Asadauskaitė and Cseh . Trautmann and Knack were the highlights of the German squad that had a god ride this year, just like the Czech and Polish pentathletes that had to worry about others disciplines than equestrian, where they gained a lot of points.

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