Saturday, 5 December 2009

Pentathlon couples

As expected in every profession, it's common to find couples in the modern pentathlon world. It's not my intention to spread gossip and I respect the athlete's right to privacy, especially since it's a low-profile sport, but some couples are well established and known in the métier. In the last UIPM newsletter (November) there is a note about the wedding of Andrejus Zadneprovskis and Laura Asadauskaitė, both from Lithuania.

Picture: / Roberto Dackaus

You can check a photo gallery of the ceremony at:

Another very talented (and young) couple from Eastern Europe is Ondřej Polívka and his girlfriend Natálie Dianová, from Czech Republic, portrayed in this artistic picture by Jan Saudek.

Picture: Jan Saudek -

From Belarus we have Anastasia Samusevich and Mihail Prokopenko who are also married, while in Brazil the current national champions Yane Marques and Aloísio Sandes date for many years already.

My best wishes for the couples. And remember, make love, not war.

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