Monday, 7 December 2009

The 2009 UIPM Congress - some links.

I've wrote before about the 2009 UIPM Congress that was held in Kopenhagen, Denmark, from 9-11 October and honestly I can't personally add much to the discussion, so I'd like to share three interesting documents.

The first one is a blog entry from US Pentathlon CEO Brad Camp about the UIPM Congress, offers a deeper view about the discussions that happened in Denmark, especially about the work that will be needed in the next 3 years to keep Modern Pentathlon the Olympic sport status. Even though it's a sport idealized by Baron de Coubertain and born/strongly linked to Olympic Games, is also endangered to be left out of the Olympic program.

The second one is the UIPM Congress book (PDF document), with 141 pages (no, I didn't read it all).

And the last one is how the sport managed to stay in the Olympic program last time it faced a possibility of being left out (2002):

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