Monday, 7 December 2009

2009 Pan American Championships (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The competition was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last weekend. Simultaneously there was the Youth Olympic Games qualification (2 spots for each gender, Youth A). The seniors field had 38 men and 18 women and the Mexican and Canadian teams didn't compete.

1. Andrei Gheorghe (GUA) 5924
2. William Brady (USA) 5900
3. Dennis Bowsher (USA) 5872
4. Cristian Bustos (CHI) 5812
5. Nikkos Papadopoulos (GUA) 5744
6. Wagner Romão (BRA) 5704
7. Luís Armando Barroso Magno (BRA) 5644
8. Pedro pablo Gonzalez (GUA) 5548
9. Emanuel Zapata (ARG) 5516
10. Francisco Montenegro (GUA) 5420

1. Yane Marques (BRA) 5616
2. Larissa Lellys (BRA) 5372
3. Marines Garza (GUA) 5352
4. Ayelen Zapata (ARG) 4952
5. Isabel Herrarte (GUA) 4864
6. Abigail Garzo (GUA) 4712
7. Priscila Oliveira (BRA) 4468
8. Kenzie McWest (USA) 4152
9. Pamela Zapata (ARG) 4064
10. Emily Andrews (USA) 4024


1. Guatemala
2. Brazil
3. USA
4. Argentina
5. Chile
6. Dominican Republic
7. Panama
8. Ecuador

1. Brazil
2. Guatemala
3. Argentina
4. USA

Youth A Competition - Qualifying of 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore)

In the boy's competition, Mexican Abraham Camacho won the event with 4792 points and secured a spot in the competition to be held in Singapore, August 2010. His countryman Manuel Padilla was second placed, with 4604 points. Since it's allowed only 1 athlete per NOC (National Olympic Comitteee), American Nathan Schrimsher, who came third with 4584 points, will repressent USA in Singapore. The best South American was Esteban Bustos, from Chile, who came 5th with 4516 points.
In the girl's competition, Mexican Tamara Vega clinched the title and a spot in YOG with 4164 points, followed by Cuban Leidis Laura Moya (4064). Both athletes are secured in YOG. American Anna Olesinski completed the podium (4020 points) and Brazilian Mariana Laporte was the best South American, finishing in 6th position and scoring 3424 points.
The boy's field had 24 competitors and the girl's field was of only 8 young pentathletes.

Find more about the competition and Gheorghe's great comeback in the last lap at UIPM December newsletter:

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