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Latest results: January 2010

The 2010 season had its first competitions.

In Finland was held the Winter Pentathlon and Winter Tetrathlon championship. The results were:

Winter Pentathlon - Men
1 Bernhard Ziganki AUT 6298
2 Jouko Pakarinen FIN 5765
3 Richard Lundell FIN 5145

Winter Pentathlon - Women
1 Eevi Bengs FIN 3813
2 Dagny Bengs FIN 3745
3 Heidi Walli FIN 3713

Winter Tetrathlon - Men
1 Tambet Kibal EST 3909
2 Tönis Tiirik EST 3848
3 Tero Koski FIN 3803

More info (and pics) can be found at:

In Székesfehérvár, Hungary, there was a national tetrathlon competition (January 09)with some big names of the circuit. István Málits clinched the first spot in the men's field, while Sarolta Kovács won the women's competition.


For juniors results and rankings by event, check:

In Budapest another event was held (January 29), where Tibolya and Kovács won their competitions.


Junior (Boys):
Junior (Girls):

In United States, Dennis Bowsher and Marisa Berger started the year winning the Winter Open in Rancho Mirage, California (January 02). The action moved later to San Antonio, Texas, where were held a national qualification (January 24). Bowsher again was the best men pentathlete, topping with 5784 points, while Emily Andrews scored 3960 points to win the women competition.

Winter Open report and results:

San Antonio (TX) Qualifying report and results:

In Minsk, Belarus, there was an international competition in the second half of the month. I couldn't find much info about it, I don't even know if a competition for women was held, but we have info about the winner, local pentathlete Aleksandr Vasilinak, with 6084 points.


Melbourne (Australia) hosted not only the Australian Open (Grand Slam of tennis) in January, but also the Oceania Championships. In the men's field, Luke Salter came first with 5260 points (with impressive 1216 points in fencing), Ed Furnon was second and S. Peterson completed the podium. The women's competition had Angie Darby winning the event with 4912 points, followed by C. Curnow and J. Collins.

More info at:

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