Sunday, 16 January 2011

World Cup #1 Entry List

WikiLeaks has just revealed which competitors will be seen in the first world cup of this year (Palm Springs (CA), United States, 24-27 February). Just kidding, the list is now made public by the organizers and can be found at the official website. Let me say it's a really impressive entry list, most of the top pentathletes are confirmed (84 men and 61 women from 27 countries). Of course we are right now more than one month before the competition so it's subject to small changes. Among the names announced, we have 18 out  of the current top20 in the men's field and 15 out of  the current top20 in the women's field. We can expect a great competition in the Californian desert.

Check the entry list at:

The American team is still to be announced but if you click the hidden link you can see more about the head pentathletes.

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