Wednesday, 1 September 2010

2010 World Senior Championships - Chengdu, China- Men's Semifinals

And the World Championships has just begun and we already know the 36 pentathletes that will be in the men's final. There were eighty four pentathletes in the semifinals this Wednesday, 1st September, so 3 groups of 28 pentathletes with the top 12 advancing to the finals (as usual, no riding in qualifications).

Group A had Oscar Soto from Mexico finishing first, followed by Kinderis (LTU) and local pentahlete Guo. The top performers in swimming (Woodbridge) and combined event (Tibolya) missed the final, just like Moiseev who had a strong fencing event - was second along with Mordasov, who also will miss the final, and behind Soto - but failed after all to get a spot in the final. Ádám Marosi finished the qualifying in the fourth position of the group.

Group B had Italian Giancamilli, Korean S. Kim and Polish youngster Golis finishing the qualifying with the same score, 4408. As expected, Golis and British Cooke swam under 2 minutes, but the British failed to qualify, finishing in the 14th position because of a poor combined event, since in fencing he surprised by finishing third. Other highlights were Egyptian Hefny leading alone the fencing and favourite Svoboda being the fastest in combined event. Youngster Holyst from France secured a place in the final while P. Kirpulyanskyy, Omar El Geziry, Riker-Fox and Bremer are out of the final (Bremer for some reason didn't start the combined event and we hope he's somehow fine).

Group C was led by South Korean H. Jung, followed by Frolov, Chmielewski and Hilgeholt. Japanese Noguchi had a very poor combined event and missed the final, even after leading the fencing - along with Chmiliewski- and having the second best time in swimming. Top pentathlete who is back after some time out of the circuit, Berrou, from France, had a good display in swimming by clocking the best time, but still will miss the final, as will Meliakh (BLR), Weale (GBR) and Cerkovskis (LAT). Polívka (CZE) showed his good form in combined event by having the best time and finishing in the 6th position in the group.

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