Friday, 18 June 2010

2010 World Cup Final - Moscow - Entry List

So now half of the year has passed and the World Cup Series comes to an end with the World Cup Final. No events were cancelled or postponed this year and a better timing (schedule) was made so the World Cup events were close to each other (not so good for the athletes who are recovering from injury that missed more or all events because of this). The laser shooting system won't be seen this weekend in Russia as it was planned, which sounds a bit worrying since it should be used in next Olympic Games already (the introduction of the combined event followed quite the same pattern and in the end it worked well).

This year's World Cup Final seems to have less withdrawals than last year's WCF (which I watched live) and I guess the main reasons are that it takes place in Europe and also it's in the middle of the season. The women's field is still quite depleted, though, after many withdrawals. The Asian teams are confirmed which is great - last year only one Japanese pentathlete came to Brazil and was the single representant of Asia.

Click for the entries (PDF file):

The cuts are: Moiseev (#43 in World Cup standings) and Herrarte (#74 in World Cup standings).

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