Thursday, 13 May 2010

Pentathletes from the past: George S. Patton (USA)

George Smith Patton III (November 11, 1885 - December 21, 1945) was an United States Army officer most famous for his leadership commanding corps and armies as a general in World War II. He was also widely known for his controversial outspokenness. (Read more in his Wikipedia article). Patton was the focus of the epic 1970 Academy-Award winning (also known as Oscar) movie Patton. He participated in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games in the first-ever modern pentathlon competition, where he finished in 5th place.

Patton was the leader of the troops that liberated the Czech city of Plzeň on May 06, 1945 and most of Western Bohemia. During the communist era in former Czechoslovakia (1945-1989) there was no recognition for the role American troops had in liberating this part of the country. Since 2006 is held in the city an European Youth B competition named after him at PSC Klub.


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