Saturday, 17 October 2009

What is lacking in competition results info?

I'd like to be an unemployed millionaire to follow the whole circuit. Well, if I were one, I probably wouldn't follow the whole circuit - surely some other interesting things would appear in same dates(but I'd sponsor the circuit, since the prize money is still poor, lol, in the other hand I'm glad there are serious sponsors that maintain the sport). Modern pentathlon results breakdown aren't already easy to make or even to understand, and kudos to UIPM and their staff that do a great job. Maybe it's only me, and my academic formation, but I'd like to have more info about the competitions, especially the main competitions (World Championship, World Cups, Continental Championships and others with more points for the New Balance World Ranking). Since it's so easy to complain and purpose, I'm doing it.

The venue: more info about the venue. Introduction (history), maps, weather conditions at the days of competition.

Fencing: it would be a freak table, but why not having the full results, and not only W-D (win - defeat)? I'd like to know if the best in fencing won against the second best or if he lost to someone classified worst than 20th in fencing, and when it happened (first duel, nineteenth duel?), how many defeats were defeats or tie/level. How many pistes and which duels were in each one too. Yes, I know it's crazy.

Swimming: I would like to know the start lists of the heats, and its lanes and standings. Also the type (indoor or outdoor, size of the pool) and penalty points for false start.

Equestrian: I'd appreciate to have the start lists (that show the current standings) and the draws (athlete-horse). The penalty points also could be displayed (time, faults) and the course/track too (info about size and surface).

Combined event: Start list again (current standings) and how it went (after shooting and arrival at the shooting range every "round").

Many of this info can be found at UIPM website in invitations section, but it's info pre-tie, it would be cool to have it with results.

The athlete info also could be improved, with more and updated info (like season best points, best ranking and date, etc).

Of course I know how difficult would be to have all this info compiled and make it available. It depends on so many people, especially local organizers and it's interesting for the sport to have less requirements in order to attract more events, but I think it can be partially/mostly accomplished in long term. Since I expect an increase in the sport's popularity, this changes would naturally come. I'm used to more popular sports (specifically tennis) that have a much bigger structure and then have not only more info, but also some lack of it in the detail I claim in this post.

The standings after each event and start lists are very desirable, like they have for decathlon in athletics. I guess some graphics showing the progression through the competition and for each event also would be great.

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